Grade 5


Home, what is home to me?

Home, what is home to me

Home is a place of peace, safety and family. It’s where I can read, write and do my home work. Home is more than where I live, it’s where I grow up. Everyday I come home to and see two huge dogs waiting to be walked, I walk them. I see three cats meowing and smiling. This Christmas my brother said “it’s not what’s under the tree, it’s who’s around the tree”. Home is everyone’s superpower it’s where the heart is, with family and friends. My hope is everyone in the world has a home with loved-one’s to go to every day after work. Some days I see people with shopping carts full of garbage and I think of how lucky I am. Sometime I take that for granted. We all do that some times. But than you look up and see the thousands that don’t. Who don’t have a home or job, family or friends. Home is the best thing I could ask for. Home is only thing my family and I have together. Home is love, family and pets or friends. For me, it’s both. That is my home to me. In life there are billions of house but every one has one ture home and that is yours and to me, it’s mine. And to who every is reading this , it’s yours.