Grade 5


Home what a wonderful place

Home is a special place. Home is where your family is, your family is always right beside you, your home is always with you. Home is a safe place where no one will judge you because you are home. it is where your journey starts and continues.
it’s is a wonderful place.
We can find a place called a house but it is never a home if you aren’t safe or loved.
Home is where you belong so by the end of the day you are always home.
When you call a place home it’s a wonderful place, it is magic because we are lucky to have a home.
it can be anywhere you just have to look hard enough. money can by a fine house but only love can make a house a home. Having it is the best feeling ever, having a home is relaxing when you can just sit down and relax you are home. The ultimate luxury is being able to relax and enjoy your home-Jeff Lincoln.
When I grow up I hope everyone has someplace to call home. Home is the best feeling anyone can ever feel. There really is no place like home. At home, you have a bed to sleep on, a roof over your head, and so much more and we should be grateful because we don’t realize it often be we are the luckiest people, we have a home. Home is where dreams start and memories are cherished, where happiness lies forever.