Grade 5


Home vs. House

Home vs. House
A home and a house are different things, even though they sound like the same thing. In these paragraphs I will show what the differences are between a home and a house, starting with a home. There are many differences but, a home is more like a place where memories are made, and where love thrives. A home is also a safe, loving, comfortable place where people are loved and admired by their family. A home has love, and it´s not so much a place, it’s a feeling.

Secondly, a house isn’t the same as a home. A house isn’t a feeling, you don’t make memories because a house is just a building, a shelter, a place or an address. It’s not as comfortable as a home. They’re two totally different words. The thing about homes and houses are that they are similar in some ways and different in others. The similarities are that you live in them, a house is a shelter, but so is a home in some ways because you feel safe in a shelter just like in a home. But, some differences are that a house isn’t as welcoming as a home also, a house isn’t just a place that’s also not as comfortable as a home.

In conclusion, a home means a lot to me. But, in some ways a house is also very important to me because it is a shelter and it’s where I live, just like a home too.