Grade 6

North Vancouver
British Columbia

Home vs house 🏠

I Home vs house

How to build a house

First you will need lumber brick or any strong material. You will probably need nails, concrete or twine. Next if you want to make your house nice on the outside you need paint. Now that you have the base you may want furniture. Now with everything your total is 1million dollars witch not everyone can’t afford. If you can’t afford it you may rent. Rent is also expensive. Maybe after a while you can’t afford rent. If you can’t afford rent you may become homeless and have to live on the street.


How to build a home

You will want a lot of love and safety, but not everyone has that. A home is a place you miss where you’re away from it. A home can come in any shape or size. A home can be completely free or really expensive. Now that you have a home you can feel safe strong loved and feel grateful. Because not everyone has afford a home. It might be because of the cost or because it burnt down in a fire so be grateful that you have a home.