Grade 5


Home vs. home

The introduction
A home and a house are different but can be similar. A house can be a home as long as you feel loved,safe and comfortable.

A house
A house is a shelter there many types of houses like apartments, condos, shaks, mansions, big houses and small houses somewhere you have shelter. Sometimes a house can be a home because if you feel safe, comfortable and good memories. Also I have a house but it’s not just a house, it is also a home because I have family, love, memories and support.

A home
Have ever heard home is where the heart is, well that is true because home is not just a house it can be anywhere it can be the park or your mom ́s work it can be your city it self as long as you feel SAFE. Home is a feeling, a feeling that you know you are safe, loved, cared and free. Your home is where you share good memories with loved ones.

The difference between a home and a house
Even though a house and home are different they can still be similar. A home is where you are comfortable and you be comfortable in your house too. But a home and a house can be different because a home is a feeling and a house is shelter.

The conclusion
I love my and I love the feeling of home!