Grade 5


Home V.S. No Home

While the wind whistles ‘round the house you’re safely tucked in your warm bed, engrossed in a marvelous book. Home is where an old family ends and an new family begins. Where your baby brother cries in his crib waking you up from your good night’s sleep, where your older sister stays up late doing homework. Home is where the fridge is filled with homemade food, ready to be eaten when you’re hungry and while you’re having a filling dinner, there’s someone out there rummaging through a garbage can looking for their dinner.

Will there be dinner tonight? Nobody knows, we might find some chicken, we might find nothing. You wish you could just be like all those other ordinary children out there, having an amazing dinner and a chocolate cake with ice cream for dessert. While the sun sets, you lye on the hard, disgusting floor where you’ve been living your whole life and you try to get to sleep in the cold, damp air. You’re covered up with a dirty old blanket you found in the garbage one day and with a few plastic bags for a pillow, you’re all set to go to sleep and start another day of searching through more garbage cans tomorrow.
I hope this composition will help a family in need and give them a home.