Grade 5


Home V.S House

Home v.s House
Here’s what it’s like to live in a home or to live in a house. Here’s similarities and differences.

Home to me is like a warm bed and a place to be thankful for. Home is a place I feel safe, I feel comfortable and loved. Although sometimes you might be angry,get in arguments with your parents and get in trouble. When that happens home feels like a dungeon.

Now you will see how it’s like to have a house.

A house to me is a place to stay for shelter.
Although a house to us might be a home to them. Apart from some people with a house are suffering. They need a home like us.

Here are the similarities and differences.

Homes and houses are the same because they both are a building.Another reason is that they both can be a place for shelter.A reason that they are different is that a home is a place with hot chocolate in bed and a house is just a place for shelter.

That’s why you should be thankful for a home. Hope you learned that homeless people can live a hard life.