Grade 6

New Dundee

Home to You, Home to Me

The meaning of home is a complicated thing. Home to you could be where you live or an understanding that is like “this is right at home.” Home to you might not be the place where you live, it might just be a place where you feel like you belong. For you, home could be hidden away from everybody or it could be a place where you are surrounded by people.
For me, home is a place with everything that I like, and the people that support me, including my family and friends. Home to me also includes my own space where I can be by myself if I wish. To me, home is a place where I feel happy, safe, and protected.
To someone else, home might mean something completely different to them. It might be a place or a feeling where they might be confused but it still feels right deep down. Home could be anywhere, and it doesn’t always need to be where you live. It could be a friend’s house, a public place, or even a certain feeling that just says to you “Home.”
Home’s meaning is not uniform to everyone, because its meaning can vary a lot from person to person. Home is not necessarily a house, an apartment, or a room. It’s the feeling you feel when you are in a certain place. Home isn’t just the place that matters, it’s the feeling of home that really matters.