Grade 6

Oxford NS
Nova Scotia

Home to Us

Home to us

Home Is a place for everyone to find love. Home Is a place were you
can find peace. It can also be a place where you can feel safe, and a
place that Is yours! It can reflect your personality, and brings a family
together. Home Is also not just a random used building, it is something
that you grow up In. And when you get older, some people are going to
move on, but some people want to live and spend the rest of their
lives there.

Home is a place you can sleep, be warm, and dream! Speaking
of dreaming, you could dream of all the things you are going to do In
your house. You can also use your Imagination! Many houses are
huge. But some houses are rather small! But did you know that
your home can not just be a house? It can also be a cabin, cottage,
shed and many more. As long as it is yours, and your ancestors
to be safe and secure, It will definitely be your home.

So If your home is big or small, or tiny or huge, as long as It is
Your home. No matter what size or colors your walls are, or
How much the bathrooms can smell a bit, It will always be your
Home. Just remember….

Always live your life at home!!!