Grade 6


Home to me, where my dreams can be free.

Home to me is where you put your heart and soul. It is school, it is my house, it is Alberta, it is where you start your dreams.

School is where I have my friends; friends that will help me in a tough jam, friends that always have my back, friends that make me laugh and friends that make me happy. School is where I can prepare for my future, where the teachers help us learn in creative and fun ways. Teachers who are very kind and will always teach us in the kind and respectful way we need to learn.

At my house I can be with my family, and laugh and play. Where I have my bed and wonderful food, where my family welcomes me with open arms. No matter who I decide to be.

Home to me is Alberta, with our cows and prairies. Yes it gets very cold, but that is what I know, and that is what I love. Next to us we have the Rocky Mountains, which are so beautiful they never grow old.

Home is safe where we will be protected by Canada’s great laws on the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Where I will always be safe.

Finally, home is where I will start my dreams. I do not know where I will go from here, but right here is a great place to start.

This is my home, this is Canada!