Grade 6


Home to me is where everyone is welcome!

Home to me is the place where I’m safe. Home is where I am safe from discrimination; where everybody is treated equally. Everyone is free to be who they are and celebrated for being unique. Home is where I have the freedom to express my own voice. Home is where I can ski on the Rocky Mountains in the West, and swim in the warm blue waters in Nova Scotia. Home is where everyone has the right to a fair education; where our teacher honours how we learn and teaches kindness and respect to everybody.

Home to me is when I’m greeted every morning with a smile and a “Bonjour”. It’s where I can sit down in the reading corner, and experience the “magic” of Roald Dahl, in English and in French. It’s where I learn not only how to multiply and divide but also how to be myself. It’s where I learn about Canadian Heroes like Terry Fox and Mary Ann Jadd. Home is where I play basketball with my team, and my coach cheers me on from the sideline. It’s where I have the right to a fair education full of excitement, joy and laughter. Home to me is my school.

Home to me is where I can be a Canadian and still celebrate my African heritage. Home is where I eat poutine and also jollof rice and oven baked chicken. It’s where I can celebrate Canadian New Year and Chinese New Year. It’s when I walk through my community and see faces from all over the world. Home is diversity. Home is equal opportunities, Home is orca whales, polar bears and ground squirrels. Home is ice hockey and lacrosse. Home is Tim Hortons.

My home is for everyone, my home is Canada!