Grade 6

Brentwood Bay
British Columbia

home to me is to be comfortable

The meaning of home to me is being cherished, peaceful and comfortable. When I walk into my home I know nothing can compare to the love it gives. I cherish my home so much. I remember the day we moved in, we renovated, painted and more to make it our very own. The smell of each home is different sometimes it’s fresh baked bread sometimes it’s cookies. Things like this define what home means to me from the color of paint, knobs on my doors and the toys in my room. My little brother, mom, dad and dogs: to me that is the meaning of home. Each year that goes by I appreciate my home even more. Home is where I feel safest, sometimes you can have the worst day ever and there’s nothing like coming home and getting into comfy clothes and making your favorite snack and just feeling at peace in your comfort zone, whatever that may be. Home is where I know I’m always accepted no matter what I do or say, my family will always comfort me through and through.