Grade 5


Home to me is the place to be

To me having walls and a roof does not matter, but having a home where you make memories, sing songs, and grow up in that’s what matters most. No table, no chairs, no toys or tv could make my house the one truly place for me , only a family could make a house into a home without a family, Your house is just a house.
Whether you’re big, small or a twin, having a home is a big win.
Home isn’t a place it’s a space where you and your family can live happily
Now that I take a good look at my house I realize it’s no different than a blouse there both just things but when you’ve lived loved have had good and bad times in that house that house becomes a home, a home of your own.
My home is my light always shining so bright, and when i can’t find my way back home, I think of the memories in my home i think and i think then i remember, it’s not a house but the people the memories and the feeling of happy thats makes my Home an easy place to spot and that makes it so bright that i remember my way back home.
That’s why home to me is the one true place for me to be.