Grade 4


Home To Me Is

Home to me is. By s.d.
The first thing i think of when i get home is how welcoming it is.Because my dog Sadie always runs to the door and jumps on me and licks my hand and face.She also fallows me around.Then i walk to my fish he always wiggles around and it makes me happy.Next thing i do is go say hi to my mom and step dad.They ask me about my day.

Then i go to my room and lay in my bed i get in my blankets and look at my lava lamp for a couple minute and the colors around my room.

Then i get my iPad sit there and play on it or watch youtube for a hour or 2

My mom calls me down for dinner. So i walk down stairs and set the table. Then i sit down and eat but also talk with my family i love to talk with them. Because they are so kind to me and my sister evelyn always makes me laugh.

After i’m done i go feed my fish one piece of food. I go sit down with my family and with them i like cuddling with my dog Sadie.

Once i am done i say good night to my mom and step dad and go to bed and i fall asleep. That what i do there and love about home.

Thats what home is to me