Grade 5

Portugal Cove-St. Philips
Newfoundland and Labrador

Home to me is…

A home to me is a place where I can sleep while being safe. My home is where I have a community and a place. With all the struggles in life I finally have a light. Outside my front is a beautiful sight.

A home to me is where I can swim in a team. A place where I can balance on a beam. Where I can play with my toys. A place where my life is filled with love and joys!

A place where I get educated. Where all my friends get educated. A place where we always play. And I always get played.

Home means ever thing to me and Home means to me that i can be safe and loved with the friends and family that means the most to me.

As I say this I wish that this will give a child and their family a beautiful house.