Grade 6


Home To Me Is…..

A home where you can feel safe, and comfortable. You can find laughter, love, hope, and even trust. You can bond with your parents, your siblings if you have any, and your pets, (dogs, cats, bunnies, etc.) It’s a place where you can celebrate birthdays, holidays, like Christmas, Easter, etc. You can build heart and memories. You’re going to have big laughs but, you’re going to have hard times, but just know you have people that can help you out. A lot. They will make you feel good and try to help with your situation. Home is also a place where everyone is included and is treated fairly. If you’re not being included and not treated fairly, go talk to someone and they’ll help. The meaning of home to you doesn’t have to be your actual home. It can be many places/things like, a hockey rink, the park, the grocery store, etc. I know! Even the grocery store! It can be anywhere you want. That is the meaning of home to me. Home is love!

By: Maggie Freeman