Grade 6


Home to me is…

When you go home one of the most beautiful things are your family. Home is where family and friends are and with your family you spend time together. Family are the only ones that will love you forever. Home is where true friends are and true friends are like family. Home is where we I feel safe and when I feel safe I feel warm. Home is where you hang your heart and your heart hold your love and memories.

When there is love in your home it is because of your family. Having somewhere to go is home, having someone to love is your family, having both is a blessing. Home is the only place you will remember forever.

Home is the place you can do whatever you want. When you grow up you want to leave home,but when you leave you remember the old times, and the old times are the are the good ones. Home one day is going to be Heaven. Home is the place to be.