Grade 4


Home to Me and You

Home to Me and You
By: Ciaran Allison

Home to me is not just a brick building where we live it’s where our hearts live it’s where memories are made it’s where laughter, fun, and action come to life.
When I was baby my parents brought me home and when we stepped through that door my heart leapt with joy I was interested in everything the lights the furniture, the walls, roof, the floor I knew this is where I belonged. One day my family moved to a bigger house close to our old home. I know how people feel when they have to leave their home later when I was older I learned that not everyone had a home or could afford one.
I was sad to think about people who didn’t have a home where you can let your heart wander. A home is a sacred place. It’s like a chest full of treasure.
I love coming home every day to where my family is waiting, my dad and my two brothers and my cats Tom and Sparrow. Pets are part of your home too they let you know that no matter what happens, for example, like moving they will always be there for you and if you move, leave, or run away from home and they follow it’s like a part of home is with you your pet and even your heart. Memories are often made in homes for me. I have some memories I’d like to share the night we had a big barbecue with our friends and another when I celebrated my first Christmas with my family.

Thank you for reading my text. I hope it helps a family out there with no home.