Grade 5

Upper Gagetown
New Brunswick

Home to me and the Meaning

If you didn’t have a house what would you do? Most people would say home instead of house but home is a feeling. So what makes a home a home. A home is what you think a home is. I think home is safety, shelter and care. Here is why.

To me home is safety. Why because it’s a place to be safe. I’m safe at home. You have shelter for safety to be safe. That’s why home is safety to me. But its not just safety its shelter. Here’s why.

To me home is also shelter. It’s a place to stay and a place to live. A place to stay and live is shelter. Shelter is also a place for family to stay too. Shelter is home. But home is also care. Here’s why!

To me I think home is care. Why well because home is a place that cares for you homes are tuff and strong. You should care for your home too. A home might be a feeling but its more than a feeling when you build it. When you build it’s a feeling that’s right there that cares. So you have to care for your home just like when it cares for you. That’s why home is care.

This is why home is safety, shelter and care. Home is whatever you think home is. Home is love, happy or even imagination. Home is not a place not a person not a thing but home is a feeling.