Grade 5


Home to Me

Home to me is a place where I feel safe and happy also where I love being. Home for me is a peaceful place and where there is a lot of love and comfort. Home is where I play, sleep, laugh and also where it brings back memories. Home is secure and warm. Home is were I love being. I also feel so lucky and happy to have a home. I also get a lot of confidence to do many things and also it is a place where I hope and dream. It’s where I laugh and play. Also it is where I feel joyful. Home is a also where I feel thankful and where I feel comfortable in. I would describe home as peace, love, family, happy, cozy and warm. It’s where I sleep, am cozy in, and where I stay warm when it’s cold outside. It’s were I spend a lot of my time with my family. Home is quite an amazing place. It is also where I play with my friends and where I stay safe. I feel peace in my home because it is where I learn and do a lot of new things, play, and also talk to my family. It is peaceful in home. I love being home because it makes me happy and safe and it’s the place where I can relax and don’t have to worry about any thing. Home is where I play games with my friends and family. Also it is where I can sleep, safe with no worries. It’s a place were I live and spend time with and my family. It is where I can plant and care for my indoor plants. These are some thing what home is like to me and I’m grateful that I have a home.