Grade 5


Home to Me

Home means where I’m with my family. I have a mom and a dad, my sister’s name is Anna, and I have a puppy named Murphy. When I’m with my family I feel comfortable and warm, I always know that they will be there for me. My family keeps me safe. I know I don’t have to be scared or upset when they’re around. My family feeds me and cares for me, they give me a place to live. I love my family a lot.

Home means safe and sound. Somewhere I feel safe, even if it’s not my house.
Home means where I’m warm and not outside in the cold of winter. I feel secure when I’m snuggling my puppy, he’s a goldendoodle and he is very soft. I feel safe when I know my family is safe, I feel upset when my family is upset.

Home means change. A couple years ago my dog Lucy died, she was a black lab and she was everything to me. That September we moved to the house I live in now. This September I got my puppy Murphy, he’s six months old and he’s very cute. After all of that, It’s still home, even right after I moved. I knew I was safe, I knew my family was there.

Thank you for reading my letter about what home means to me.