Grade 5


Home to Me

Home is where my family is. My family means a lot to me, so where ever my family is that’s my home. My sister likes to play dolls so I play with her she’s my best friend, it’s the same thing with my brother except with video games he’s also my best friend. My hockey team is like a family to me cause I spend a lot of time with them.

Home is where I feel comfortable and safe. I feel safe with my parents because I love and trust them. I feel comfortable with my siblings because when I’m sad they help me get through it. I feel safe with my friends because there really nice to me

Home is where you have good and bad moments. When I’m with my dad he always tried to make me laugh and he succeeds. My mom blew her shoulder it’s getting better but I still like to help out around the house. I have good moments with my siblings all the time, last week my brother was laughing so hard he had water come out his nose. That’s what home means to me.