Grade 5


Home to Me

The first one I would like to talk about family, family is very special family keeps you safe and sound. Family cares for you they give you food and make sure there’s a roof over your head, family is loving it makes you feel safe and warm. There are good and bad moments but you can still have fun you can still laugh. Your family can teach you new things. Family is a very important aspect, they give you life, they care enough to take care of you and protect you sure not all family are the same some people don’t even have moms or dads but that doesn’t mean there not a happy family or still people.

The next thing I want to talk about is good moments sometimes you have fun and play games but other times you and your siblings might get into a fight, but one of the nice things that not everyone has like me is siblings. Siblings is a very nice thing to have cause your never alone but for me instead of siblings I have great cousins my cousins like to come every weekend and sleepover and then they leave, but I do have super funny moments I’ve had with them.

Now that I’m done with the good moments I would like to talk about bad moments home is good but not all is perfect in life like the time you had a big fight with your family over a really stupid thing a when you go to bed mad you wake up and don’t even remember what you were fighting about or you get grounded for a really stupid reason and also you might move away or lose a pet while your walking outside and they randomly just run away,