Grade 4


Home to Me

To me home means love because it is where I stay safe. My family is there. My parents show love to me and my siblings. At my home we eat and drink. We have toys. They are fun. We have our birthday parties. Our cousins come over and our grandma and grandpa. We have four rooms. I have four siblings. Outside we have a cat, dog, and chickens. We have food and water to survive. At home I have all the things that belong to me, my siblings and my parents. We have play mobile. It is lots of fun. My sister and I have a big play mobile house. It has a bathroom, kitchen, living room, Mom and Dads bed room, and the kids room. We got it for Christmas. In my brother’s room there is more play mobile. My baby sister is lots of fun because she is so fun. When she wakes up from her nap and my brother takes her and she sees me she wants to go to me. That what home means to me.