Grade 5


Home to Me

Home is a place where I am loved.
I know no matter what, me and my sister are loved I play with my sister and she loves me. Even if my Mom and Dad are mad at me, I know they will always give me a hug. Where my family that loves me comes over to see me. If I am sick my parents will always stop what there doing to help me.

Home is a place where I am safe.
I know my parents will protect me from a disease or any thing dangerous. I know no one will kidnap me or my sister. Also no one will get hurt on purpose. I don’t need to worry when I’m at home I know I am safe.

Home is a place where I have fun. Every Friday, Saturday and some times Thursday and Sunday I have movie night with my Mom Where I can have sleep overs and can play with my friends. Where I can go swimming in my back yard. Where I can read in peace. Where I can have fun That’s what home means to me.