Grade 6


Home to Me

Home to me means incredibly much, it’s where I spend time with some of the most important people in my life.

Home for me works as a reminder, it makes me appreciate my parents and everything they’ve done for me. Home could be anywhere for me as long as I feel like I belong. But home doesn’t necessarily mean a physical house, a home for me could be anywhere I feel loved, appreciated and cared for. For example, if I’ve accomplished something my parents would be proud of me, and give me a hug! I’d feel very good about myself and in their arms I’d feel at home.

Sometimes you can sense when you’re safe and loved. At my home, we watch movies and eat snacks together on weekends. Normally horror movies, we’d get in a bunch and eat junk food until we explode. In that few moments with my family, I feel at home. I felt safe and happy. It doesn’t even need to be a place, when I draw and put in my music I feel like I’m in a whole different dimension. I feel safe even knowing that it’s my imagination, I don’t know where I am in my imagination but I know I’m safe, I just feel at home.

Home is any place even in your imagination, that you feel like you matter, your home is different, that is my special home. “Where memories are made that will not fade.” Home is where I grow and learn. I can simply be me and not get judged. Home makes me feel like me.