Grade 6


Home to Me

Home to Me

A good way to know a home is a home and not just a house is if your merrily and passionate all of that kind of stuff.

My home has always been in Oak Bank for me I have had big things like when we moved 3 times across Oak Bank to when I still can’t make craft dinner.

But that’s ok because I can make toast. Home to me is where you feel warm and happily because in my home one thing, I will always remember is our December tradition which is when we got chicken chief and watch a nice Christmas movie.

I like paper airplanes but when my fluffy cat was attacking every plane, I threw for my science homework it got annoying.

In my home many things have happened but what happened outside was a whole new level we had a big Nerf war outside in the nice smell of summer it was just me and my friend where having so much fun and we still can’t find all the darts.

Thank you for reading that’s what home means to me.