Grade 5

Upper Gagetown
New Brunswick

Home to me

These are three things I think is a good home is a place family, or friends can live and visit. Another word I think would comment home would be safety because in order to be happy you need to be safe. I think would be a good home need’s would be memories because memories are to remember things from your childhood. So this is my introduction.

In a home is a place that a family and friends to live and visit. Family is love people who are eye to eye. Family in my mind in this case of a home is promising love and friendship. Another thing I think family would fit in this category you need a family because in order to have a nice and loving home.

I think safety should be a home category because one of the things safety should be in the home is a no brainer. Another thing I think should be here is being a comfortable indoors home. Feeling in a safe area to grow and be happy and get taller.

Having memories is important because in your hearth and growing your head to have memories. Memories in my eye are important for happiness. Memories are to refill your life with love and advance.

So these are just some things to me so by now you know about a home. Things are a home to me in my eyes for right now. So this end. I hope you like it.