Grade 5

Richmond Hill

Home To Me

Home To Me!
By: Alexis

Home to me is where I feel safe and secure. I am thankful for food because some people can’t afford food. I am loved at home at anytime or anywhere. At home I share stories with my family. My home is a happy place. where dreams come true. I have special memories here. I feel welcome and there is peace that me and my family. I feel comfy and cozy when there is a storm because I have a family there to protect me. I share funny jokes with my family. I can be me at home, where I am inspired to draw and learn from my mistakes. My family makes me laugh. This makes me feel loved. At home, best friends come to play and have fun with me. When I go to bed my family says goodnight to me, and gives me cuddles. The house that I live in is a nice bright place. I couldn’t ever wish for more. I hope that everyone has a story like me about the home they live in. That’s what home means to me.