Grade 5

Upper Gagetown
New Brunswick

Home to me

One thing that is home to me is family. Another thing that is home to me is love. The last thing that is home to me is memories. Those are the things the things that home is to me.

The first thing up is family. They spend time with you. Your family also plays with you. They play all sorts of games with you. They will protect you no matter what.

The next up is love. First thing for love is being loved. The next thing is apologising. The last thing for love is hugging.

Now it is memories. You can remember things from when you are little. You can have memories of trips in that home. You also can have memories of old loved pets.

This is a home to me and maybe its home to you. That is why home is so important to me. So those are the things home is to me. Maybe they are the three reasons home is to you too.