Grade 5



Home is a place where you can truly open up yourself. Emotions of all kinds happen here. You constantly dirty it and clean it, all the time. People like your friends, or you distant relatives come there, but at the end of the day, you stay. Your home has al, the amenities you need. As you stay longer, you get attached to it. After all, it is your main place. After going to a store, or school, or an appointment and more, you return home. The word home is also used to refer to a main place. This is because even after a trip to somewhere else, you return home. Maybe you can refer home to anything. Home to you is a place where you feel comfortable. But really, home to me is a house. Made from bricks and other materials. Full of all my things. For example, I have a carousel I made from gears. What makes me trust my home, grow attached to it and like it is my family, the time I stayed here and my parents. They too, are comfortable. Home is all of this. You feel that this is where you go after a long time to rest. When you are there, you feel at home.