Grade 5


Home to Me

Home to me is not a house, not a car, and not having to be perfect. Home is not having a house better than all the others . Home is something that is made with a glue made from family, music and community.

My family is part of the glue that holds home together. But not just home. They keep everything together. My brother Sawyer wont stop being crazy; he sounds like a monkey falling out of a tree. That’s what makes him unique. My dog’s blue eyes fill me with joy. He is always there for me when I am feeling down. My cat’s purr is like a blanket. It keeps me warm and cozy. I love her not just as a first pet but as family. All these people are family. They make home a home.

Family is not the only thing that makes home a home. It’s the music they listen to. My favorite song invites me to come start my long lasting day. The rock and roll music shakes me up like a blender and wakes me up in the morning. My radio feels as smooth as a paved road. It keeps us flowing smoothly. Music makes home a home. The beat is part of the glue.

Home does not have to be complex, it can be as simple as community. The wail of the train whistle pumps me up like a ferrari getting ready for a race. Fresh air surrounds me and my house like the Atlantic ocean, engulfing everything inside of it. My grampa is always inviting me to come work with him. I know that he is just a five minute walk from home. Home is the community that we live in.

As long as I have all of these things, home is a home. Before I learned about Habitat for Humanity, home was just a building. Habitat for Humanity helped me realize that home is not just a building, and it helps other people realize what it is to them as well.