Grade 4


Home to Me

When i am home i feel safe, loved, cared about and warm. Every two hours I give my brothers a hug. My mom and dad are funny and that makes my life weird. My bed is comfortable and even the couches are comfortable. Mostly the house floor is made out of brown hardwood. Our living room table is made of black stone I think. The walls are tan. In the basement, the floor is mostly stone. My family and I have been having some problems with the front door it hasn’t been opening very well but I am fine with it. My house has been changing, we have been moving the furniture around the house. I have my dads old bresser my brother and i have to share a room and a bunk bed. Home is a good place to me because when my family and I move to a new house it does not feel right. That is why home is a good place to me.