Grade 4


Home to Me

My home to me is like a happy home but better. Because I have two older brothers that are fun to play with. I also like to play with my grandma’s when they come over to play with me. It feels warm and inviting to me. I love my freedom in my house because my mom is nice. It is where I want to be when I am sad. I will not leave my home, no matter what happens to me. I love my home so much because I’ve made it what I want it to be. At all moments, I love my home because my mom makes really awesome food for me – I’m hungry sometimes! I have one black lab that is so nice and calm. Her name is Lexie. She is very excited to see us in the morning because she gets breakfast. I like my dog a lot. I love my home because it’s different from everyone else’s.To me my home is special. Because I am there all day long. I love my home. A home is a perfect place no matter who you are.