Grade 5


Home to Me …

As I walk in the door, Take my shoes off, put my stuff away, then my sister asks to play. When we are done, we eat. I see my dad, mum, sister and brother. We come to the table to love one another.this is a place where we strive to make memories, but beyond all the fun some people feel sad inside because they don’t have a home. But it does not matter where you are, as long as you have a loved one, you can be happy, anywhere. To me, home is more than a house. It’s where you find loved ones, happiness and fun. A home could be anywhere, in between someone’s arms, in the country or on the outskirts of town. But it’s sad to see someone who has no home, no one for them. Even though some people don’t have a home, everyone deserves a home, no matter how big or small. houses are for everyone to feel safe and cozy. Walls of a house are just the bones, we are the brain and heart. In conclusion, nobody deserves to be sad, we should all be happy and that’s why we are here for everyone. Remember, a home is what you make it.