Grade 6


Home To Me

To me home is a special place
A place where i am given a special gift
A place where family and friends are welcomed,
and where I have fun.
A place where I can sleep,
A place where I can eat.
A place where my friends call me outside my door.

To me a home is where me and my siblings are loved the most… no matter what,
Where my family’s dreams come true,
A place where it encouraged me to do stuff that I didn’t want to.

To me a home is a place where it protects me from bad weather,
A place to keep me warm
And a place to help me through a storm.
A place where I can be free to do what I want.

Every five times a day, of every week, of every month, of every year, of every decade i’m alive,
I thank God for what I have and a home is one of them.
I’m so lucky to have a place to call home.