Grade 5


Home to me

Home is not a house. A house is just walls,roof and a floor. But a home is much more. To me home is a place where you can be with your family and feel safe, loved, relaxed, calm, warm,comfortable, happy and excited.

To me home Is a place where you can be with your family and feel safe and loved. I feel safe and loved when my family is close by and I have someone to be with when I am lonely.

When I am home I relax and feel calm warm and comfortable. I feel this way when having lots of good dreams at night when I lie down down in my cozy bed. When I am at home I don’t get bothered by anything like school.

Home is a place where you should be happy and excited. I feel happy and excited when I’m blowing out the candles on my birthday cake with my family nearby. Home is the place where I can eat warm cookies with a refreshing glass of cold milk. When I wake up in the morning I am very eager to see what I’m going to do next.

At home I have lots of fun making good memories. I make good memories at home when I am playing with my brother and having lots of fun.

Home is where I live It is where I stay. My home is my favorite place because I feel safe, loved,relaxed,calm,warm,comfortable,happy and excited that is why my home is not a house, my home is much more.