Grade 5


Home To Me

Home, Home, Home. Home is the best place to be. Home is where my family is. It’s also a place where everyone is loved. Sadly, for other people that is not true. Life in my home is loving and caring because of my family. I also like video games and technology. Home is where I sleep. Home to me is where I play video games on my Xbox 1. My family surrounds me with loving vibes. Home is where my mom cooks Egyptian meals because my family is Egyptian.

In my home pictures are very important. We have pictures of our relatives. We also have pictures of Jesus because my family is Christian. In my home I eat while watching T.V shows or movies with my family. If my house were on fire I would save all my family members because I love them! I’ve lived in my house for four years now, and it really is the best place to be, to me it is home.