Grade 4


Home To Me

Home To Me
Home makes me feel warm and comfy because my family is there. In my family there are five people. We also have one cat. The people in my family are: mom and dad, krystyna, me, and hazel. My cat has four names: skittles, jojo, joe, and trixie.
My sisters are great, but like all sisters, they’re sometimes annoying. Krystyna: the thing that I really like about her, is that she is always making fun ways for us to play.
The thing that bothers me about krystyna is that she’s always on her phone texting her
Friends. Hazel: she tells jokes that are so bad that they’re funny. For example:
Why did the banana go to the doctor because he ripped off all his skin!
Skittles is my cat she is cute but a mischief. Me and skittles have a special bond with each other. For example she rarely ever scratches me

by T.O.