Grade 6


Home to me

By: Makayla Ledrew

Home is a place filled with laughter, happieness, tradition, framed captured memories and many more. Home isn’t always necessarily in one place. Home is a place that you feel loved, secure and safe in. Home is a part of everyone. It’s a place where you celebrate your little siblings first birthday, or the place your new pet gets to adventure in. Home is a place where you start new traditions or even just sit around and watch tv. Home doesn’t have to always be polished or have nice stuff. It’s the feeling of warmth, comfort and security that completes it. Everyone deserves to have a home. it’s a place that you want to be even when you’re not. Home is a place that makes me feel happy. I feel like I can even walk around in my underwear. The safe comfort of the people in my home builds up my confidence to the max level. Home to me is an unforgettable place that everyone should experience. Home is a part of everyone’s life. It’s the place where all of these amazing things happen. That’s what home means to me.