Grade 5


Home To Me

Home to me
By: S.C

Home is a wonderful place.It can be anywhere, a townhouse, apartment, condo
and much more.As long as you feel welcomed, safe and loved.Home is a place to be
A house is very different.It is a place with walls, a roof and a ground. A house is a place you might not feel accepted or welcomed.That feeling is very harsh and rude.A home is a place to be loved deeply no matter where your home stands.
No matter how your home looks, your home should feel safe and loved at all moments. Home is a place to have everything you like and need like clothes, food, water,heat, a bed and many other things.In someone else´ś home you might not have that kind of love or stuff like your home.It could feel different and maybe even awkward.
Your home is a place that cannot be replaced. It is a special place for you and your family to feel relaxed, happy, joyful and many more emotions. Home is a place you need. If I go home and feel sad or upset, my home will lift my spirit and make me feel happy or excited. If I go to a different place ,I might feel sad or upset until I get home.
Sometimes if I´m not home I get homesick, so I love being home because it lifts my spirits.Sometimes if I stay overnight somewhere without my family or I´m away from home, I miss it all. Home is a place to love even when your family might not be there you still have a place to love.
Home is a place that is safe.It reminds me of the saying”safe as home.” I feel safe and cared about when I think of home.Home is a wonderful place to be.