Grade 4


Home To Me

Home to me
By: O.M.K

When l come home from a rough day at school. I walk into my home and feel calm and relaxed because l know that my family and my cat are waiting for me every day.My cat’s name is Sleeman.l used to have another cat called Creemor.My cat waits for me to give him water and food.He waits for the treats he loves.He also loves going outside even in the winter.lf l were him I would not go outside .But I let him out anyway.He also waits for me to brush him after school.When I come home I don’t have to wait for dinner my parents are already making it.
The difference between a house and a home is that a house is not a condo,townhouse or an apartment.A house is made out of walls floors and a roof.But a home is made out of hopes,dreams,love and memories.You could live by the sea,forest city,cliff or a lake but it is still home to you.A home can be anywhere you love.

“In my home,we do second chances.We do mistakes.We do sorry’s.We do hugs.We do together best of all’’