Grade 4


Home To Me

A home can be small, big, or in the middle. Some people don’t have houses but all people have a home. A home could be messy or clean. To me home is a place where you are comfortable and you feel safe.
What I mean by comfortable is that you have space and a nice fluffy bed. Oh I have one more thing about being comfortable that I almost forgot to write. The last thing I have about being comfortable is that you are not wet, not feeling cold,or not feeling hot. What I mean by safe is that there is nothing dangerous and you feel like you are going to be okay.
A house is a structure with floor, tiles, walls, stairs, doors, roofs, ovens, refrigerators, and windows. A home is a place where you have fun with family, read stories to each other, have meals together, tell jokes to each other, and play board games together.
A home includes family like your brother, sister, a pet, mom, and dad. And holidays like Easter, Christmas, New Years Day, Hanukkah, and many more.
The reason I always get excited to go home after school is because I can read a lot, play with my toys, and go to after school activities do some coding on the laptop and much more.
Well, all that is what home means to me.