Grade 5


Home to Me

Home has never been an object, a building, or even a house. Home has always been warmth, family, and security.

At home I am surrounded by warmth. I find warmth in the fuzzy blanket after a long day at the hockey rink. Warmth is in the hot chocolate that I drink on a cold winter day. It’s soft, fluffy pillows after a long day of school. Home is as warm as a hot tub.

Family is something that everybody should have. Laughing so hard with my family, I almost choked on my pop corn. Friends and family are always there for you. Home is where I am loved by my family.

Home is security. A roof over your head is something that everybody should have. At home I feel as safe as a bear in a cave. I know I am home when I am safe.

Life is easier when you have a home that you can afford. Thanks to Habitat for Humanity people who currently can’t afford a home have the opportunity to live in a safe home.