Grade 5


Home to Me

Home is where love is created,

I cherish my mommy, daddy, little brother and my 3 cats

Kisses and hugs throughout the year,

Vacations and lots of memories: no time to spare.

A home is more than brick and cement,

Dancing with each other being goofy and silly.

Family movie nights with our favourite snacks,

Cherish these moments and enjoy all the laughs.

A house has walls with a roof on top,

But what’s inside will help me bloom.

Baking with mommy, cleaning and playing, drawing and crafts then it’s time to rest,

Bedtime stories with cuddles in my bed are the best.

A house can be gone in any moment of time,

Playing with my family and friends makes me happy and excited.

Sleepovers and camping out, sitting under the stars,

No matter where I am, home is where you are.

By : Amelia M. Nadarajah