Grade 5

Campbell River
British Columbia

Home to me.

Home to me is opening my door and my dog and my cat running to me. A home is a place to be loved. to laugh to cry, to be angry and to be goofy. But not everyone has a home, not everyone is loved, or can feel safe. Home to me is my family huddling up to the fire in the winter. I used to think a home was just a home, but after looking at habitat for humanity I realized its so much more. I realized that not everyone has a home and I need to try and help. You should too, so take just one minute to think about how you could help or how lucky you are to be loved, to have four walls and a roof over your head. And maybe even have pets. and if you are reading this and you are not loved, or do not have a home I promise there is lots of people here for you. Because home should be a place full of love and laughter. I hope I am able to help people in need for a home, a laugh, or even just a hug. My home is hilarious, especially my dog maple she is a English golden retriever. She is always licking my face and cuddling me. When she lays on her back it almost looks like she is smiling! she is so so cute and funny! I just want to say thanks to my mom, dad and brother for always caring and loving me. I hope one day I can help build a house for you too.