Grade 5


Home to Me

For me, home has never been just a thing or a name. It’s not how big it is or how much stuff I have. It’s about love, comfort and family.

My family makes me feel loved. My mom, she loves me to pieces. My dad, he loves me no matter what I do. My sister, we might get angry but we still love each other. Love that is in my family is so important to me.

Home is comfort. All the togetherness when I we talk and eat together is comfort. When I’ve done something wrong, my family comforts me. Togetherness, hugs, joy, and smiles makes me feel comforted.

My family is the biggest part of me and it’s the biggest part of home. There’s so many people in my family but the people that make me feel everything are those that I live with. My mom teaches me my life lessons and how to be the best me. My dad teaches me how to be strong and independent. My sister is a big part of me. I follow in her footsteps because she’s my older sister. I base everything off of her and go to her for help with my friends, my decisions, my everything. These things are why family is most important to me.

Home is not just a thing. It is more than four walls. It’s the people that fill it with feeling. It’s comfort and love and family and that’s why I call it home. Because just being with my family is enough for me.