Grade 5


Home to Me

Home means a lot to me. All my support and encouragement comes from Home. It is a place where you can feel safe and talk about all your problems. Home is where your memories start and end. Home is where you grow up and learn new things and have fun. Everyone in this world deserves a home to grow up in and live out a happy life.
A home starts with somewhere where you feel safe and you can stay out of the elements, but a home is so much more. A Home has love and appreciation in it. You always know that when you get home you’re safe. You will feel relief and you will have less stress when you walk through the door. Home is where you can celebrate and have parties with friends too.
Most people that are homeless want a home of their own.
You can always count on things you recognize to make you feel happy when you at Home. I want to help homeless people and people who live in cars. My home is important because all my hopes and motivation come from home. It helps me through a lot of things.
I hope everyone can have a decent home in the future.