Grade 5


Home to Me

Home is a place where I feel safe, secure, and free. It is a place for me to share and express my emotions, a place for me to love and be loved. At home, I don’t need to stress. I can receive help with what I am struggling with. Home is a place where I don’t get judged on how I do things.
When I hear “home” I think it is a place to gather around and tell stories about what happened that day, whether the story is sad, happy, or funny. For example, At home my sister and I laugh at her horrible jokes that are somewhat funny. Home is where my mom makes her special spaghetti with meat in the sauce. My favourite place at home is with my cat. She makes me feel happy all the time.
Sometimes home is a place where I don’t want to be,but its a place I should be no matter what. Home to me is a place where I can relax. At home, I feel warm and comforting with my family around me. The idea of being homeless for a few months worries me about all the possibilities that could happen to my family and me. I am very grateful for a roof over my head, and having somewhere I can call home.