Grade 5


Home to Me

Home is happiness and joy. Home is togetherness and family. Home is where I feel safe. These are some of my favourite reasons why I love my home.

Happiness runs throughout my home. Laughter fills the house with joy while my dad plays happy music. Music fills the house with joy and warmth on the holidays. Yelling echoes through the house with glee. This is why my house is so happy!

Togetherness is like a pot of jelly. The pot sizzles when me and my dad make bacon. Mazzy my neighbors dog jumps on me well I walk in to my neighbors yard my neighbors are like family and they make me happy. Joyful meals are cooked together. This is where togetherness makes me feel home.

Home is family and where I need to be. Family trusts who I am. Family hikes and plays in the woods. Family sits on the couch watching the fire, seeing the flames unite and make sparks. Family is who trusts me to be who I am.

I think everybody should have these abilities.