Grade 5

Saint John
New Brunswick

Home To Me

A home means many places to me and its where I want to be. Home is the place to go.

Home is with family. Home is with friends.

When I hear my brother is coming home, I get excited. I don’t know if home at the time means home to Canada, home to his house in Nova Scotia or home to our family home in New Brunswick. I just know that he is coming home, and home is always good. Home is warm, home is safe. Home is love, home is comforting. I am going to be able to see him when he comes home. My brother is a Leading Seaman in the Royal Canadian Navy, and it feels like he is never home.

When my brother is gone, we take care of his Addy girl. When we tell Addy she is going home, she always gets excited too! Home is either to stay with us in New Brunswick, or back to Nova Scotia to be with my brother. Even though home means different places, it just makes you smile and jump around, your tail wags and you wiggle; home is good place to go. Every home needs the warm love from a furry friend to greet you.

My sister is buying her first home soon. I don’t know where it is, or what it is going to look like, but its good to know I am going to have another home to go to. Who doesn’t want to go home? And when she comes home to see me, she will be smiling too.

It doesn’t matter if your day was great or if your day was bad, home is where you want to go at the end of the day. Even after a perfect vacation, I still look forward to going home.

Home is a special place to be and everyone should have at the very least, one special place to be. The special place where you know everything is going to be good and you can’t wait to get there. Home is yours and yours to share and love.