Grade 6


Home to me

To me having something to call home is a privilege. Home is a very spectacular thing. Home is my family, Where all my love goes. Where dreams come true, smiles are made, tears drip down your cheek, where every emotion is possible. Weather its a roof over your head or just the clouds and the bright, beautiful stars at night. Weather its a ginormous four story house or only owning one little 2 bedroom house in the 12 story apartment. All that matters is the love that it holds. Home isn’t only bricks, wood and stone. It is trust, strength, support and friendship. It’s knowing that someone is always there for you. Canada is our home. The safe, proud, strong and trustworthy country. Now that I think about it, I am lucky to have an amazing country, province, family and even lucky to have shelter. To imagine living on the streets with no one by your side, with barely enough or no money to buy a small meal. I am beyond grateful for the love and bond I have with my family and people around me.