Grade 5


Home to Me

Home to Me

A home to me is where happiness is and where your feelings run free.

You and your family watching tv and making supper, all those memories.

My mom, dad and sister watching movies and playing games in a wonderful structure.

Home is where love is made and family too.

A home is a magical place to be, trust me you’ll see.

I remember playing with my sister while my parents watch me.

What makes a home a home is love, laughter and who you share it with.

My home is comforting, cozy, warm and hides me from a storm.

Home is inspiring, unique and all I need.

A home is a dream for all families.

Be your self and don’t be afraid a home keeps those bad thoughts away.

Memories are made from funny moments to endless laughter.

I remember playing board games at the table with my sister and mom, I wish I could see that memory.

Homes have a healthy structure to keep all away from danger.

Together we share a wonderful place to be side by side you and me.

The structure tall and stable so you can sit and eat at the table.

I love my home because family, friends and watching tv.

Home is definitely amazing from the soft cozy spots down to your knees.

The love of your home comes from your heart and soul.

Home is where the heart is.