Grade 5


Home to me

The meaning of Home by Shuraim

East to west home is the best:

House and home are commonly confused word. Some people think that these two words have same meanings. But, to me they are quite different. On the other hand, home is very different from house. Home is a place where love, peace of mind, happiness surrounds us. A place where one is comfortable is a home. A place where one happy, safe and secure is a home. Big ban glows don’t guarantee love and happiness, but a home no matter how small it is provides warmth to its dwellers. I would like to give you example from my life.

When I was in Pakistan, I had a home a small, simple but very comfortable place where I lived with my parents, sibling and grandparents. I was happy as they were all there to love and care me. I had my bed room where everything was so special to me Now, in Canada now we are living with our uncle Naeem. His house is now my home he loves me. I play with and feel blessed to have another home in this country. I am new to Manitoba. Soon the whole Canada be my home my place of comfort. A place to be a loved and cared for i am waiting for that day and I am sure that day is not too far away.