Grade 4


Home To Me

To me, home is a place for happiness & friendship. A place for warmth & love. A place for family & fun. A place where hopes & dreams come true. A place for friends. A place for emotions. A place for Family. A place that is safe & comforting. A place for laugher & silliness. No matter if it is big or small, beautiful or ugly, messy or neat. No matter what it smells like. No matter what lives in it. No matter anything that is different it always has a meaning or purpose for it. No matter where it is, On the street, In a house. No matter where is is in Canada, France, Mexico we all have a home and it is your to keep. A place for everyone to feel safe & loved. Not just me, not just you, everyone. A place where I feel safe forever. Thank you home, for everything. I love you.

Sophia Shum